Expert Sieve

Find out how good your job candidates really are – with our fast and reliable test method.

A resume can only give you limited information on how a candidate will actually perform on the job.

Using programming tasks and multiple choice tests, we assess the professional competence of your job candidates. This will allow you to build a well-informed shortlist for your selection process.

Our tests have a high predictive validity regarding the future performance of job applicants.

We Test For Professional Competence
Data-Based Decision Making

We provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions when it comes to hiring new staff. Our data is consistent, objective and quickly available.

Allowing for direct comparison of various candidates, you will receive highly informative and relevant results.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Your executive staff and employees are the foundation of your company's added value. Let them focus on their work and present them with only the best job candidates.

You will save everyone involved in the hiring process some precious nerve, time and money!

Test Your Candidates at Home

Expert Sieve tests your job candidates at home. This makes the application process more convenient and relaxed for both the candidate and your company.

If needed, you can additionally interview your candidates per video chat – any time, any day of the week.

ExB Labs
ExB Labs

Florian Bontrup, CEO

Expert Sieve helps us to assess the potential of our candidates early on
in the process, saving us time and money.

Nicola Pizzoni, COO
ExB Research and Development GmbH


Thanks to Expert Sieve, we can now make decisions based on reliable data
and we have more time to spend on the more suitable candidates.

Dr. Sebastian Tramp, CTO
eccenca GmbH


Our applicants and colleagues received quick feedback on their technical
aptitude thanks to Expert Sieve. This makes our recruiting process much

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